What we are doing

What we do here at The Chive
1. We compost all food scraps. img_0739                                                       

2. We serve smaller portions, therefore less waste.                    

3. We buy as much as we possibly can local to decrease our carbon footprint.

4. We encourage and offer returnable containers.

5. We use no Styrofoam.

6. We use green cleaning products.

7. We are smoke free establishment and request no BUTTS be dropped on the ground outside.

8. We recycle all packaging.

9. We send out and receive deliveries in reusable plastic tubs, not boxes.

10. Our diners use real service ware and napkins.img_0375                      

11. We don’t offer one time use straws.

12. We have made a large portion of our property into a developing green space and food forest.

13. We encourage arriving on foot and on bicycle.

14. Our new building was constructed with all recyclable materials, real wood, stone, metal.

15. Our tables were handmade from reclaimed wood from a 1920’s hay barn in  Seymour, MO.img_0529

16. We use no VOC (volatile organic compound) products.

17. Teague Construction, our contractor, recycled any unused building materials.

18. In future building phases, we plan to have a grey water system, solar panels, a green roof, and hopefully a windmill.

19. All of our landscape is Missouri native plants and the rocks came from our lot during excavation.