taproom menu


KC Bison Biker Burger      $12

with potato and parsnips chips

Smoked Missouri Rainbow Trout (for 2)    $14

with crostini and accompaniments

Transparent Beer Infused Pretzel (for 2)  $12     V

with beer cheese sauce

Seasonal Vegetable Tempura (for 2)   $13    V

with house herb ranch dip

Local white bean, caper and parsley spread    $10    Veg  DF

 with local cherry tomato halves on nut crackers

Seasonal Pizza (for 2)      $16

Scimeca Italian Sausage, caramelized onions, house red sauce, cheese blend and Echo Farm oregano

Soup of the Day     $8    V  GF

Chilled Spicy Pea Soup w/ slice of house French bread

Bowl of Popcorn (for 2)   $6   Veg   GF   DF

salted or spiced

Candied Nuts    $5   V   GF   DF

Brown Sugar Beer Cookies (2)  $3   V

V-vegetarian  Veg- vegan  GF-gluten free  DF-dairy free