market menu

For the Week of February 21, 2019  

All market items, if applicable, include a returnable container surcharge (25 cents small, 50 cents large) that you will get back once the container is returned. All pantry items have a refrigerator life of 7 days and if applicable a freezer life of two months.


Breakfast burrito on buckwheat tortilla with sauteed greens and local cheese   $8

House yogurt parfait with seasonal fruit and house granola   $8.25

On the Run Bacon apple pancake with maple butter   $8

Good Morning Muffin    $2.50


Butternut Squash Soup with apple and garam masala    $8.25/pint   $15.50/quart

Triple Local Mushroom Cream Bisque   $9.25/pint  $16.50/quart

Smoked Turkey Rollup with greens, roasted red peppers and herb aioli   $ 8


Buttermilk herb ranch dressing 8 oz   $3.75

Citrus Vinaigrette  8 oz   $ 3.75

Make my mouth happy trail mix  1/2 lb.  $6


Peasant Bread Loaf   $5

Foccacia  $6

Brown Sugar Beer Cookies  $1 each or $5/half dozen

Farm Fresh Produce ( from our local suppliers-all natural)

Herb bundle $4

Tomatillos  $3/lb

Cherry tomatoes  $4/lb