Chive’s Bug Club

At The Chive, Simply Good Cafe and Market, we celebrate bugs. Some are helpful, some are not, but they all are a testament to the freshness of our produce coming from our farmers who are growing their products sustainably.

Of course, both the farmers and the chefs in The Chive kitchen will do all we can to eliminate bugs by mitigating bugs in the garden, proper washing in the kitchen, and keeping our eyes open for them during recipe preparation.

But low and behold, some just sneak by, especially some worms that snuggle themselves tightly in the heads of broccoli.

So, if you come to eat at The Chive and you find a bug in your food, we celebrate you by making you a member of our coveted The Chive Bug Club. You will have your picture taken with your bug if you like and we will have periodic Bug Club events. And we will gladly make you a new plate of food if you desire. 

Should I hope everyone has a chance to be a member of The Chive Bug Club? Maybe not.
-Chef Michelle

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