Our Philosophy on Tipping

We recognize tipping is a generous gesture from you, our customers, based on their quality of experience at The Chive, Simply Good. We are here to serve you and will do our best to make your experience the very best. We appreciate every tipped dollar and penny. Thank you!!

We are a counter service style cafe and market with no designated “servers.”  Because all of The Chive employees are trained to do and are responsible for both the kitchen and the dining area, all tips generously given by customers at the registers and in the tip jar are shared equally among employees of all levels based on hours worked during a defined period.  All our employees are paid above minimum wage.  These tips will be added to pay checks so they are reported income, they are fairly distributed to all employees and they are a collective incentive to do a stellar job serving our customers.  Thank you for embracing this idea with us.

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