Gluten sensitivity on the rise

Gluten sensitivity seems to be on the rise. Many people are choosing Gluten-free diets as a response.  I myself have experienced the side effects after eating bread and pizza crusts as well.

However, I have always wondered why Europeans are not experiencing this sensitivity at the same magnitude that we are here in the U.S.  Most Europeans eat bread with every meal, it is a tradition, and bread-making there is considered an art.  I love bread and want to be able to eat it in moderation.

Here is a page out of the bread baking book ‘Crumb’ written by Richard Bertinet that highlights a possible reason why we are struggling with our ingestion of bread.  

Commercially made breads add chemicals as conditioners, improvers, emulsifiers, and sometimes even more gluten to speed up the bread-making process.

 I had not thought of this possibility until I read this. Also, check out his hand mixing method for bread dough.  I recommend it.

The Chive will be using this time-honored tradition of the slower fermentation method when possible to provide quality artisan bread without all of the fillers so most or all can enjoy!

–Chef Michelle

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