Three Sisters

The "Three Sisters"
Companion Planting Method

Companion planting is a gardening technique where certain vegetables are grown together to take full advantage of their natural tendencies and relationships. While there are many different types of companion planting, the three-sisters method has been used for centuries by Native American tribes.


The “three sisters” are a combination of these three plants working together:


“Sister Corn” provides support for beans vines to climb up.

    • Plant your favorite sweet corn, dent corn, popcorn, or even a combination.


“Sister Beans” deposit nitrogen from the air into the soil, in a form that the plants can use.

    • Plant pole beans such as Blue Lake, Scarlet Runner, or Italian Snap, or any climbing bean. (not bush beans)
    • The beans will use the corn as support, so wait to plant the beans until the corn is about knee-high.


“Sister Squash” shades the ground with its large leaves.

    • Squash can be winter or summer types, or a combination of both.
    • The squash provides shade that chokes out weeds that might compete for resources and keeps the ground moist. 


Here is an easy Three-Sisters planting guide for a 4×4 garden.

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