9 Reasons to eat local

Eating local has many benefits. 

Economically, you support your community, not large companies. Environmentally, your food travels less, and you know more where it’s coming from. Other benefits include solidarity with food producers doing things on a smaller scale, and the opportunity to eat more natural, whole foods. Natural foods are also good for your health — an aspect of local eating that isn’t always the center of the discussion. If you needed any more convincing to get shopping local, here are a few more advantages.


  1. Local food is fresher and tastes better.
  2. Local food is often more nutritious.
  3. Helps you discover new foods.
  4. Helps you eat mindfully.
  5. Produces less waste.
  6. Supports local farmers.
  7. Supports sustainable agriculture.
  8. Gives more power to the consumer.
  9. Discover a positive, generous community of like people.

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